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Finnish Home Design Reviewed

Finland was ranked as the number one happiest country in the world in 2019. Their homes play a critical role in this.

With 7 months or more of winter each year, keeping the winter blues at bay is a surprise when you first consider it. However, when you break it down into its elements, you’ll find that Finns have adopted and adapted their lifestyles to prioritize their personal health and wellness above all else. One of the major sources of this happiness stems from their homes being almost sacred to them.

When the summer is on the horizon, the Finnish population flock to their summer houses in the countryside to escape the cold cities and seek the comfort of the silence, tranquillity and peace in nature.

Bringing this idyllic sense into their homes allows them to transfer that to their daily lives. Finnish homes are simple. Think of Scandinavian minimalism, and you’ve got Finland’s design and décor checked. Typical features of this design are clean, uncluttered surfaces, functional furniture, use of colour – not objects – to shape a mood, and a select few décor items around the house.

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However, the most important aspect of a Finnish house design is not its decorations or furnishings but its saunas. These can be built into the house as a feature room or as a standalone building next to the house. This is central to the lifestyle of Finns: relaxing in the sauna in the evenings with your family and friends.

Most homes in Finland are constructed from wood – with excellent levels of heat preservation. Wood is also a symbol of their simplicity in design, too.

An average Finnish home will feature very minimal artwork – but when they do it is usually bold. Their homes have a flowing, open-plan style from the kitchen to the lounge area. You’ll find most have a kitchen table or a dining room table. It is uncluttered and bare: commonly painted white with accompanying white chairs. The tablecloth will bring color to the scene.

The most important aspect of a Finn’s home life is their affinity for coffee. This will usually take pride of place in the kitchen, with a display case of coffee cups (highly valued in Finland as collectables) in a front room. Sofa cushions are traditionally brightly colored with animals and nature scenes. Homeowners popularly mix them up with bold colors for different moods and settings.

Most homes have a home office, that is spartan in its execution.

Designers will add a bright rug to the home to add more ambience. These also serve to keep the heat inside the house. Privacy is also a hallmark of Finnish home life, and you’ll see thick curtains in all the rooms. These also act as temperature control measures.