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10 Characteristics of a French House

Architecture in France is one of a kind. Apart from the art museums and galleries millions of people visit each year,  one of the most amazing sceneries is the outlook of French homes.

Many people relocating to France choose to buy old homes or even build their own houses inspired by the traditional home design.

Chances are you might also be fascinated with these homes or you want to build your own. Of course, building a house in France is not cheap.

For those who want to take up the challenge and build a French-inspired home,  you will choose to cut the costs by purchasing building materials in bulk.

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These are some of the things that make a French house so unique and distinct from others;


1.  Symmetrical 

Many French houses take symmetrical shapes with hipped roofing with all corners sharply pointing to the ground.

The roofs are normally very tall and sloppy. The most common type of roof material is Clay tiles and they may vary in colour mostly being beige or brown.

The symmetrical shape is not just with French houses but also museums and ancient buildings.

2.  Bricks or stone facades

The exterior wall is made from either bricks or natural occurring stones.

The brick colours will vary from red, beige, brown or with more modern houses taking brighter colours.

3.  Tall and equally divided windows 

One very unique feature about French for houses is that they have tall rectangular windows.

The rectangular wall is divided vertically into two, and you may or may not find houses with horizontal divisions.


4.  Arched doorways

The doors come in arched frame designs. The doors are made from wood.

In some areas, you will find arched doors with wooden shutters, glass, or completely wooden doors.

The colours vary depending on personal taste but their asymmetrical shapes remain within the range of warm colours.

5.  Natural floors 

The most prevalent type of floors used in a typical French house is natural occurring hardwood floors or stone floors.

The most common type of stone flooring is the limestone floor.

6.  Country patterns 

One other thing that makes French homes unique is the patterns of decoration used in their homes.

The patterns will range from the paintings on the wall or the furniture fabrics and beddings.

In the article a guide to French patterns, Matilde outlines that these patterns may take the shape of stripes, checks, damasks, Toile de Jouy, writings or floral.

This makes it one of the most outstanding features of a typical French province home.

The walls are plastered before the patterns are made.

7.  Stone and tile hearth fireplace

Winter in France get very cold and the traditional way of warming up our house is lighting the fireplace.

The fireplace is made of stones with tiles surrounding the fireplace.

The tiles flooring around the fireplace normally has beautiful patterns.

8.  Rustic wooden kitchen cabinets 

In a provisional living expect to find rustic wooden kitchen cabinets.

It is also a very common theme to have glass cabinets to display utensils from the cabinet.

Hanging rustic light fixtures also help to accentuate the provisional feel of a French home.

Using antiques in the kitchen like appliances or utensils is also a unique feature.

9.  Matching dining sets 

The French people enjoy sharing meals as a family or with friends.

A typical dining set will have either our circular or rectangular dining table with matching chairs.

The furniture is made from wood to give it a more rustic look that matches the provisional theme.

The dining ware like plates cups and bowls come in some beautiful patterns to flow with the general theme of a French country home.

10.  Exposed wood beams

Finally, a thematic feature in French homes is the exposed wood beams normally found in the kitchen or dining area or the living room.