Generic Wine Cooler Problems and Their Solutions

True wine fanatics do keep wine coolers and fridges at home because they want to guard their wine bottles against any kind of damage. The Wine cooler UK market is full of multifarious coolers and every year new models and designs are added to it. But it is challenging to find someone who can provide you with a wine cooler repairing service. Therefore, the good option is to purchase wine fridges or coolers from brands that offer their consumers after-sale services. Like if your caple wine cooler is not cooling then the company can help you in fixing this issue.

Wine coolers get frustrated sometimes and stop functioning which makes wine lovers worried and they rush to repair experts and pay heavy service charges. Instead of doing this, you can first try to kill the problem by yourself. Let’s see what wine cooler and fridge repairing problems people encounter.

Wine cooler problems

If your wine fridge utilises a compressor unit and it doesn’t function well then you must examine its thermostat, evaporator or condenser fan.

Power supplier

The thermostat delivers power to the evaporator fan, condenser fan and compressor and allows you to adjust and control the wine refrigerator temperature. Therefore, if this is not functioning adequately you won’t be able to maintain the warmness needed for internal cabinets and the wine will then taste putrid.  If you just spotted that the thermostat is broken then instead of trying to repair it, you just have to buy a new one to replace it. Replacement is crafty so if done wrong then it can impair the wine cooler.


Optimal circumstances for wine storage require an evaporator to produce significant cold air concentration in the refrigerator. It functions by pulling in the air from the condenser loops and chilling the internal cabinet. The malfunctioning of the evaporator will produce inadequacy of cold air despite the proper functionality of the compressor system. This happens when evaporator fans face some kind of blockage, to observe this wait for the ice to melt and then scan the refrigerator. If you spot any kind of hurdles like debris and dust, then you must clean them to allow the cooler to work well. Besides that, an inspection of the fan’s blades is also essential to maintain the cooling system’s usefulness.

Condenser fan

The condenser fan is the most crucial element of the cooling system of the wine fridge and it cools condenser coils and the compressor. This indicates that it should be functioning while the whole system is working. The coil and compressor may overheat if it doesn’t work and its malfunctioning makes the internal cabinet space warm. To handle this problem first examine whether the condenser fan is working smoothly or not. Ensure debris and dust are not stopping the fan from free spinning. If no such obstacle is there then it means the fan needs to be replaced, disconnect components, unscrew nuts and affix the new fan.

When the wine cooler is malfunctioning and requires repairing, do it yourself if much technicality is not involved. Otherwise, take the help of trained repair service providers.