Advantages of wall hung wash basins

Advantages of wall hung wash basins

The bathroom basin is something that we come into contact several times a day and it must not only look great but should also suit our lifestyle and bathroom use. Wall hung wash basin in Singapore are best for people who want to save on space in their bathroom, yet give it a super stylish look.

Whether we are completely redesigning our bathroom or simply want to spruce it up with a few new additions or replacements, there is plenty to think about as there are so many different options available on the market nowadays. Whilst there are many advantages of all the different options available, for now, we are going to focus on the benefits of wall hung wash basin in Singapore. Happy reading and we hope this helps the decision-making process.

What are wall hung washbasins?

Common in European bathrooms, wall mounted toilets and wall hung wash basins have become extremely popular across the world. Wall hung basins are fixed straight onto the wall with brackets, creating a large and minimalist look. There are wall hung basins that come with semi pedestal and full pedestal to cover the unsightly pipework.

Types of wall hung wash basins

Semi pedestal wall hung basins – The semi pedestal wall hung basins is entirely wall hung as the name suggests. It is only half the size of the full pedestal and covers the pipe under the basin. These basins are ideal for saving space as they get rid of the standard pedestal design and create more floor space underneath, giving us ample space for storage. Semi pedestal wall hung basins are designed to give us maximum functional utility.

Full pedestal wall hung basins – This is the typical basin that people would think have when they figure a washbasin in a bathroom. When we look at the basin, we feel it is completely supported by the pedestal but in actual it is mounted on a wall.

Advantages of wall hung basins

Saves space – Wall hung WC are generally smaller than other types of wash basins and therefore they are perfect for bathrooms where space is an issue. Wall hung’s does not need any pedestal supporting, which leaves more floor space giving a minimalist look to the bathroom.

Provides great flexibility – With wall hung basins, height is not an issue. We can position it high or low as per our choice. This proves to be extremely useful for young children who struggle to reach the taps or disabled people like wheelchair user.

Easy to clean – Unlike other washbasins, where we have to work actually hard to clean the pedestal, wall hung basins are easier to clean.

Available in varied designs and sizes – The best part of the wall hung basins is that they are available in distinctive designs, sizes, and colors. Being compact and minimalist, it gives our bathroom a clean and beautiful look. When choosing a wall hung wash basins for our bathroom, make sure we choose the right supplier, identify the styles it has and chooses the options we feel will work best in our space. To read more about water closet in Singapore click here.