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The Strength of Paving Stone Driveways

There are several types and styles of driveways, and paving stone driveway is the one where precast pieces of paving stones are joined one to another to develop a solid but flexible surface. There are several varieties of materials that can form paving stone and they include limestone, concrete, brick, sandstone, slate, and many others. Paving stone driveways last for long because of the strength of the stones.

Paving stones offer great flexibility to the paving stone driveways during all the extreme seasons. For concrete surfaces, they crack often but paving stones are designed to interlock together giving a flat surface that is hard to crack. Even during cold or hot temperature shift, the high flexibility of the stones make them hard to break. In the event that one or two stones break or crack, it is easy to replace them. Just take out the broken stone and place a new one.

Regardless of which stone type is used on the driveways, they have many advantages over asphalt and granite. There are unlimited designs for paving stone driveways because of the many shapes of these stones. The old system of having only a few shapes has been done away with the many shapes available.

The various materials suit several conditions and environment. For other materials, rainwater and melting snow flood on the hard surfaces but for these materials, they allow water to seep through and reach the underneath soil. This make the paving stone driveways helpful to the soil underneath and also prevent flooding around the home.

The cost of building paved stone driveway is less compared to most other options. This is because they last for many years and they retain their shape and colour hence a worthwhile investment. Concrete driveways are expensive due to high maintenance cost compared to paving stone driveway. The maintenance cost is high since concrete crack often prompting replacement.

Paving strong is one of the strongest materials available and needs little to no maintenance after they have been placed. The stones colors rarely fades and it can be increased by the use of sealants. The only maintenance that may be done on these stones is to just sweep to keep the stones in good health. When there are any substances on the driveway stones, you can use the available cleaning agents.

Paving stone driveways are easy to build with installation being very simple and requires few materials. Materials that are often required are a shovel, a tape measure, a level, a marker, a rubber hammer, a source material, a spade, and sand.

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